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Woolpack Bulk Bags Recyclable Woolpack Bags 70cm X 70cm X 90cm | SWL 500kg

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From large-scale farming to small-scale household work, managing waste or storing materials is a side-task that often becomes cumbersome and unwieldy.

To help manage these activities in a streamlined and efficient way, we offers our unique Woolpack Bulk Bags.

Our Recyclable Woolpack Bags are engineered to strike a delicate balance between sturdiness and practical usability, enabling them to bear the considerable weight of up to 500kg comfortably. This assured weight capacity ensures that whether you are storing farming materials or removing heavy garden waste, your bag won’t let you down.

These bulk bags come with a specific size of 70cm X 70cm at the base and stretch up to 90cm in height. But that’s not all. Unlike common bulk bags, our woolpack bulk bags also feature an additional 46cm flap. This flap is designed with the sole purpose of making your storage and transportation more secure and efficient. The flap helps tie down your load and keeps the contents of the recyclable woolpack bags secure during transit.


  • (Base) 70cm x 70cm and (Height) 90cm with a 46cm Flap
  • High Density Woven Polyethylene

Common Applications

  • Garden waste
  • Rubbish removal
  • Storage of household goods or commercial merchandise.
  • Growing potatoes/vegetables etc.
  • Compost bins
  • Grass clippings

Please browse our bulk bag selection for other sizes.

Made from high-density woven polyethylene, these bags promise longevity and durability. They can withstand the weight and the pressure exerted by sharp or hard materials, making them resilient against potential damage or wear and tear.

These woolpack bulk bags are not limited to construction or farm sites or an industrial environment. They are equally handy when dealing with household tasks such as gardening or domestic rubbish removal. They provide a practical, easy-to-use solution for storing household goods or commercial merchandise. For the green-thumbed, they can be thoughtfully used as compost bins. Housing your organic compost in one of our Recyclable Woolpack Bags could convert household waste into rich, nutrient-filled compost for your plants!

The utility of these bulk bags is echoed in their affordability. We offer cost-effective solutions with flexible purchasing options. Whether you need a single bag or require them in packs of 5, 20 or 100, we have got you covered in every scenario at discounted prices.

Whether you're dealing with gardening waste, household rubbish or need to store materials, our Recyclable Woolpack Bags offer an adaptable, durable and cost-efficient solution.

With our Woolpack Bulk Bags, you can reel in the chaos of handling recyclable materials or waste, save on time, effort and expenditure, and streamline your operations for a clean and efficient working environment.

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