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Strap Brace Tensioner Hoop Iron Tensioners with Screws | Wilmaplex

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$28.00 - $325.00
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Strap Brace Tensioner or Hoop Iron Tensioners offer stabilized tension for timber framing, delivering structural integrity to your constructions.

Made in Australia by Wilmaplex, our Tensioners provide a firm grip, heightening the tension amidst large timber frameworks. Serving as an invaluable component for controlling tension, they efficiently safeguard the structural alignment and sturdiness of your timber installations.

These Strap Brace Tensioners, sold in a pack of six, simplify the tension control process with their design focused on easy and secure installation. Featuring a screw system, they allow for fine adjustments, ensuring your timber frameworks remain rigid and secure.

Not just about practicality, our Hoop Iron Tensioners also offer an aesthetic appeal. Their discreet design ensures that they do not disrupt the visual appeal of your timber structures, even while enhancing their strength and stability.


  • Made By Wilmaplex, Australia.
  • Comes with a Screw System for Tightening
  • Convenient Installation
  • Pack of Six or A Box of 150
  • Discreet Design
  • Galvanised Steel

Common Applications

  • Timber Framing
  • Decking Construction
  • Pergolas & Outdoor Structures
  • Large Timber Installations
  • Prefabricated House Frames

Exemplary in function and construction, our Strap Brace Tensioners help you achieve the perfect tension, creating sturdy timber constructions that last. With their convenience, reliability, and efficiency, these tensioners truly redefine the meaning of construction reliability.

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