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Bricklaying Gloves | Heavy Duty Gloves Yellow Latex | Size XL | 120 Pairs

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Our bricklaying gloves are made especially for demanding work. These are not your typical gloves; instead, they are made to be strong and protective heavy duty gloves that will improve your comfort and grip in addition to shielding your hands.

These gloves have a strong "yellow latex" finish and are made to resist the roughest environments. The gloves, which are made with a jersey liner for extra safety, guarantee that your hands won't get cut while paving or working with bricks. Additionally, the knit wrist of these bricklaying gloves keeps them fastened to your hands, reducing the possibility that they may come off at important times.

It fits nicely without limiting mobility thanks to the X-large sizing. These gloves, which come in a carton with 120 pairs, are all about value. They are made of high-quality materials and are soft yet sturdy, defining the ideal combination of comfort and durability. These gloves will not tear under strain; they are designed to be reusable, offering long-term service and making them a worthwhile investment.


  • Made of Yellow Latex
  • Jersey Liner for Additional Safety
  • Features a Knit Wrist for Secure Fit
  • X-Large size
  • One carton contains 120 pairs
Common Applications
  • Bricklaying tasks
  • Heavy-duty construction work
  • Gardening projects
  • Handling abrasive materials
  • Rigorous home renovation tasks
If you need a glove that combines functionality and durability, our heavy duty gloves are the best option. They are built for protection and longevity, and they stand up to any test. From construction sites to home improvement projects, these gloves keep your hands secure without sacrificing comfort or movement.
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Back To Business Discount Code: BTB5 5% OFF storewide. The code will be automatically applied at checkouts.