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500kg Bulk Bags Bulka Bag 70cm X 60cm X 80cm | SWL 500kg

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Purchase our robust 500kg Bulk Bags and unlock a whole new realms of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and operational efficiency.

Managing, storing and transporting heavy materials and waste can be quite the task. More often than not, operations can get chaotic, time-consuming, and expensive if not handled correctly.

We proudly bring to you our standout range of Bulk Bags in Australia, engineered with the distinct needs of transporting sand, temporarily storing recycled materials, or dealing with rubbish removal in mind.

Our bags are carefully designed to accommodate up to 500kgs of weight, guaranteed by a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 500kg - perfect for both lightweight and heavy-duty applications.


Size: 70cm x 60cm x 80cm

Safe Working Load: 500kg

Common Applications

For temporary storage and transport, comes with flat to tie down your load

  • Sand
  • Recycle
  • Rubbish

Please browse our bulk bag selection for other sizes.

500kg Bulk Bags measuring 70cm x 60cm x 80cm, they grant you ample space to store your materials.

These proportions make the bag adaptable to a multitude of tasks- be it loading sand for a construction project, storing recyclable material for an environmental initiative, or managing waste products to keep your site clean and safe.

Our bulka bag features a flat to tie down the load securely, ensuring that the contents are well fastened and safe to transport.

Moreover, our 500kg Bulk Bags are not just about practicality, they are about economy too. We offer versatile purchasing options matching your specific needs, catering to both small-scale and large-scale requirements. Choose from packs of 1 bag, 5 bags, 20 bags, or the super bulk of 100 bags - all at competitively discounted prices.

Our Bulka Bag stands not only as a product, but a practical solution for streamlining your operations. They echo a commitment to enhanced workflow, reduced clutter, sustainable waste management practices, cost optimisation, and, above all, operational efficiency.

Our excellent 500kg Bulk Bags, transform your way of handling materials and waste. Experience not just convenience in carrying and storage, but also unbeatable reliability that forms the very foundation of your project operations.

After all, efficiency is not just about doing work fast, it’s about doing it right. Whether you are a part of the construction industry, involved in environmental initiatives, handling garden waste or involved in DIY home projects and looking for Bulk Bags in Australia, our Bulka Bag has got you covered. Choose our 500kg Bulk Bags, choose the right foundation for your operational efficiency.

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