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Woven Weedmat | Weed Suppressing Mat | Weed Control Mat | Black 90 GSM 50m | 2 Sizes

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$45.00 - $86.30
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Our durable weed barrier mat is designed to prevent weeds while still letting water, air and nutrients reach your plants' roots.

Constructed from resilient polypropylene, it stands up to weather and resists tearing so it lasts season after season.

We offer the mat in two versatile sizes - 0.90m x 50m covers narrower beds, while 1.83m x 50m is ideal for wider rows and plots. The material's tight black weave looks sharp in any garden too.

The key is that this weed mat blocks light, stopping sprouts from germinating but still permeable for rainfall. With moisture and nutrients able to pass through, your flowers and vegetables can thrive weed-free. Air circulation remains healthy as well, promoting better growth.

Gardening is so much easier when you aren't constantly fighting invaders. Our weed barrier mat takes care of the battle for you, giving you more time to enjoy nurturing your landscape. The heavy 90GSM weight and UV-treated polypropylene give you many seasons of durable weed prevention between plantings.


  • VirginĀ  Polypropylene Material
  • Black Weed Inhibitor
  • Available in sizes: 0.90M x 50M and 1.83M x 50M
  • 90 GSM
  • High Water/Air Permeability
  • Resistant to most Garden Chemicals and Fertilizers

Common Applications

  • Gardens
  • Flower Beds
  • Vegetable Plots
  • Landscaping Areas

Spend less time pulling interlopers and more moments enjoying your garden oasis. Our landscape weed barrier mat handles the fight so you can relax.


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