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Vespol Foam Joint Expansion Joint Filler - 5 Sizes Available


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Vespol Foam Joint or Expansion Joint Filler is a vital component for robust and resilient construction work.

With the Vespol, you get an industry-leading product designed with attention to durability, strength, and versatility. This Joint Filler are available in a variety of sizes, safeguards your structure against weather, UV light, temperature fluctuations, and various chemicals.

The Expansion Filler is constructed as a one-piece extruded foam with no lamination or joins, ensuring consistency and strength over its entire length. It's non-absorbent and impervious to most liquids, plus, it offers excellent compression and recovery properties to ensure a reliable filler.

Our Foam Joint Filler comes in continuous 25 meter rolls, matching the practical requirements of various construction projects. It's not just functional but also adaptable to different project requirements, offering various widths.


  • Brand: Vespol, Made in Australia
  • Dimensions: 10mm thickness x 25m length (multiple sizes available)
  • One-Piece Extruded Foam
  • Non-Absorbent and Resistant to Most Liquids

Common Applications

  • Construction Joints
  • Commercial Building Projects
  • Industrial Infrastructure Developments
  • Residential Renovations

This is an essential for secure and long-lasting joint filling in diverse constructions, ensuring project integrity and longevity.

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