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Rod Tying Tool Rebar Tying Tool Wire Twisting Tool | Whites

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Introducing the  Rod Tying Tool made by Whites Group, a game-changer for your construction and installation projects.

This tool is designed for swift and straightforward wire tie fastening.

This can also be used as a rebar tying tool which is a versatile addition to your tool kit, capable of accomplishing a variety of tying jobs.

Equipped with a comfortable rubber grip, this ensures an excellent hold for accurate and efficient operation. The long handle design of the tool further reinforces comfortable usage even during extended sessions. Notably, the rod tying tool design also alleviates hand fatigue and improves ergonomics, giving you a superior handling experience.

Rebar tying tool possesses robust construction, with the handle composed of durable steel and rubber.

The blend of these materials extends the lifespan of the tool, promising reliable performance for many chores to come. The sleek black finish gives it an attractive professional look that won't go unnoticed.


  • Handle Length: 34cm
  • Handle Material: Steel & Rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Style: Long Handle
  • Comfort Grip: Rubber

Common Applications

  • Fastening rebar ties
  • Secure wire ties in construction projects
  • Generating tight and secure bindings
  • Installation projects requiring tight fastening
  • Other tying applications in various environments

Basically this is a wire twisting tool that is engineered to streamline your tasks and enhance your output in various wire tying jobs.

Our tool offers you a method to expedite your work without compromising efficiency or quality. Designed with a smooth spiraling action, it cinches bar ties quickly and easily, significantly reducing your hassle and time on tying tasks.

It is an ideal choice for professionals looking for swift and accurate wire fastening. Embrace the efficiency and finesse of Whites wire twisting tool, and witness a remarkable improvement in your project outcomes.

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