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Fibreglass Mat Chopped Strand E-Glass 225 GSM | Carton | 3 Sizes

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Fibreglass Mat configuration is a versatile and durable material to aid your various construction projects.

Our Fiberglass Mat presents an effective solution for multiple applications ranging from reinforcement projects to construction designs. With its exceptional tensile strength, it delivers guaranteed durability and adaptability.

Packaged in a practical quantity of rolls, this Fiberglass Mat can be easily used and installed to enhance the strength and resilience of your structures. Its inherent durability and flexibility enable it to cater to unique design elements even in demanding environments.

Beyond the practical applications, this Fiberglass Mat is easy to handle, simplifying your construction process while providing top-notch performance. Its sturdy nature makes it an essential component in a range of construction and remodelling projects.


  • Material: Durable Fiberglass
  • Length: 100m
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Versatile and Flexible

Common Applications

  • Reinforcing Projects
  • Construction Designs
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Remodelling Projects
  • Industrial Applications

With its superior strength and versatility, our Fiberglass Mat brings enduring performance and stability to your construction projects.

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