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Bulka Bag 90cm X 90cm X 120cm | SWL 1500kg

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Bulka Bag for Carrying Sand, Storing Recycled Material & Rubbish Removal

Upgrade your transport and storage solutions with the robust Bulka Bag 90cm x 90cm x 120cm from us. Designed with industrious intent, these durable bags are the ideal choice for all your heavy-duty needs.


Size: 90cm x 90cm x 120cm

Safe Working Load: 1500kg

Common Applications

 For temporary storage and transport, comes with flap to tie down your load

  • Sand¬†
  • Recycle¬†
  • Rubbish

Please browse our bulk bag selection for other sizes.

Our Bulk Bags are carefully engineered to meet stringent standards of strength and endurance, with each bag boasting a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 1500kg. They are designed to withstand loads of up to 1500kg without deterioration or compromise in structural integrity, ensuring that they're poised to meet the demands of heavy-duty applications reliably and efficiently.

Featuring dimensions of 90cm in width and length, and expanding up to 120cm in height, these bags offer a spacious solution for your storage and transportation requirements. The generous space within the bag makes them ideal for carrying sand for construction purposes, storing recycled materials for future utilisation, and facilitating rubbish removal in both domestic and commercial contexts.

Another noteworthy attribute of our Bulka Bags is the added functionality through the facility of a tie-down flap. This distinct addition ensures that the load stays secure during transport, preventing spillage or dislocation of the stored materials. The bags can be safely secured, providing peace of mind that the contents stay protected and intact.

Being reusable, these Bulka Bags reflect an eco-friendly choice that reduces the need for one-use plastic bags, contributing to environmental preservation by minimising plastic waste. The bags' reusability makes them not just a versatile but also an economically smart choice‚ÄĒan investment that will serve your needs time and again.

The bags come as uncomplicated to handle and manoeuvre, simplifying the task of shifting heavy loads. They come with handles designed for comfort, fostering ease of use and making the transportation process a breeze. The handles or loops are self-standing so that less people are need to pick up the bags.

These highly functional bags are also aesthetically neutral, with a simple design that is unobtrusive and blend suitably in any setting‚ÄĒbe it the construction site, home, or warehouse.

In a nutshell, our Bulk Bags embody the fusion of practicality and durability. Their strength, combined with dimensional generosity and functional design, makes them a prime choice for anyone dealing with storage or transport of heavy loads. The added assurance of safety that comes with the 1500kg SWL further cements their place as a reliable choice.

Whether you're seeking a solution for temporary storage at the worksite, needing an efficient mean for transporting construction materials, or looking for a sturdy bag for waste disposal, our Bulka Bags serve as your all-rounder companion. Get in touch with us today, and let's bolster your efficiency with our top-quality Bulk Bags.

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