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Bricktor Galvanised Wire Mesh 70mm x 46m - 1 Roll

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Bricktor Wire is a fine-gauge steel wire that is widely used by bricklayers to enhance the structural integrity and durability of various types of masonry.

Whether it's standard brickwork mortar joints, thin joint aircrete blockwork joints, or even stone walls, Bricktor Mesh Wire serves as a non-structural crack control reinforcement.

Its purpose is to bond the masonry units together, reducing the potential for cracks and strengthening the overall structure. This cost-effective solution optimizes the strength and longevity of the masonry panel or facade, providing a reliable method for enhancing its durability.

Crafted from galvanized woven mesh, wire mesh for bricks offers both joint flexibility and reinforcement during bricklaying projects. By incorporating it into the construction process, you can significantly minimize the occurrence of cracks, especially in corners and straight walls.

With wire mesh for bricks securing the bonds between the masonry units, your brickwork will showcase improved resilience and robustness, ultimately resulting in a higher-quality finished product.


  • Galvanised Steel
  • Soft and flexible
Common Applications
  • Reinforcing concrete: Providing high tensile strength ensures that your concrete structures remain sturdy
  • Resistant to cracks: Providing a solid foundation for any construction project

Bricktor Wire is specifically engineered to provide immense strength and flexibility, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. From reinforcing concrete structures to facilitating easy plumbing and electrical installations, this wire is a must-have for every construction professional.

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