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Z600 Multi Grips 100mm (Carton of 50) | Wilmaplex

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Z600 Multi Grips 100mm by Wilmaplex are robust connectors providing secure fastening in timber framing.

Manufactured in Australia by Wilmaplex, our Z600 grips present an effective solution for a myriad of applications in timber framing. These 100mm metal brackets are designed perfectly for securing timber structures at right angles.

These Grips are not only practical but can also be modified for different applications. They can be easily bent to accommodate either a right hand or left hand setup, which improves their versatility and usability regardless of the project specifics.

Ideal for high-intensity load situations, these grips function exceptionally as tie-down connectors for roof trusses or rafters to top plates, and for affixing joists to the face of bearers. Packaged in a carton of 50, these Multigrips show up ready to fortify your timber structures.


  • Made in Australia by Wilmaplex
  • Size: 100mm
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Can be Bent for Right or Left Hand Applications
  • Comes in a Carton of 50

Common Applications

  • Timber Framing Connectors
  • Truss and Rafter Tie-downs
  • Roof Joist Fastening
  • Beam Support and Strengthening
  • General Construction Fastening

The Z600 Multi Grips 100mm by Wilmaplex make timber framing simple with their easy use and superior functionality. You can count on these versatile grips for sturdy, resilient, and secure timber assemblies.

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