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Welding Gloves | Black Gold Heavy Duty Leather Gloves | All Size | 12 Pairs

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Our welding gloves are designed to accompany you during demanding tasks. These impressive heavy duty leather gloves, boasting a striking black and gold colour scheme, offer much more than just a visually appealing look.

They're skilfully crafted to ensure optimum hand and forearm protection during tasks that require absolute care. Made with split leather, these gloves yield excellent protection without hampering your vital tactile sense.

Moreover, the gloves are fully lined and welted, enhancing their resistance to wear and tear. Designed to operate under high-heat scenarios, our heavy duty leather gloves ensure security and isolation from potential hazards. With the added benefit of being 'one size fits all', these gloves accommodate diverse hand sizes.

Our welding gloves don't stop at just welding tasks. They're flexible and durable, suitable for a variety of heavy-duty tasks like construction, smelter work, foundry work, or simply for robust long/forearm protection. Bundled in dozens, you get quality and quantity simultaneously.


  • Made from Split Leather
  • Black & Gold design
  • Fully Lined & Welted
  • One Size Fits All
  • One carton contains 1 Dozen
  • Welding Tasks
  • Heavy-duty Construction Work
  • Smelter Work
  • Foundry Work
  • Long/Forearm Protection

The welding gloves stand out by exceeding expectations in the most crucial aspects. They are specifically designed to be heavy-duty without sacrificing comfort, offering a secure and flexible grip. Whether you are a professional welder or working on simple DIY tasks in your workshop, our gloves are prepared to provide a durable and protective solution.

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Back To Business Discount Code: BTB5 5% OFF storewide. The code will be automatically applied at checkouts.