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Tap In Plates Nail Plates Galvanised Steel | Wilmaplex - 10 Sizes

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Tap In Plates or Nail Plates provide a robust solution for efficient timber jointing, designed exclusively for both structural and non-structural purposes.

Incorporating a clever design,  these plates come coated with galvanised steel and feature in-built bent-up “knuckle” nails. These aid in a facilitated jointing process. With these plates, timber jointing is both simplified and made more efficient, eliminating the need for separate nailing. They seamlessly sit flat on the timber waiting to be joined, easing your assembly work.

When hammered or tap-pressed into the timber, these Tap In Plates ensure a solid joint, with their elevated nails penetrating through the plate and into the timber. This seamless penetration maximizes the possible contact area, ensuring a strong and secure joint that stands the test of time.

Nail Plates perfectly bridge the gap between convenience and strength. Their simple and intuitive design, coupled with their inherent durability makes them a go-to choice for a wide variety of timber jointing needs. Whether your project is structural or non-structural, rely on our Tap In Plates for a lasting and firm joint.


  • Galvanised Steel
  • Features In-built Bent-up “Knuckle” Nails
  • Ideal for Structural and Non-structural Timber Jointing
  • 10 Sizes Available

Common Applications

  • Timber Framing
  • Furniture Building
  • Decking and Pergolas
  • Structural Repair Works
  • Timber-based Renovation Projects

Nail Plates offer an innovative design that effortlessly combines functionality and strength. Enhance your timber jointing process with the simplicity and resilience of Tap In Plates.

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