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PTT Render Beads External Angle Trim Plastic Angle Trim | 42-RE-6 (50 pcs)

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The 42-RE-6 by PTT Render Beads External trim is the epitome of high-quality render solution for your needs. Manufactured to Australian standards, this External Angle Trim is an embodiment of durability and rending perfection. Constructed using premium PVC Plastic, this Plastic Angle Trim enhances the longevity and feasibility of your structures while ensuring stylish and sleek edgings.

The 42-RE-6 will render neatness, strength, and precision to your render projects like never before.
  • Made from sturdy, UV Stabilized PVC Plastic, this trim guarantees prolonged durability and resistance to weather conditions.
  • Designed for the render & plasterboard trades, offering professional-grade quality, and ensures seamless integration with a variety of surfaces.
  • Manufactured by PTT, an Australian owned company, boasting over 40 years of experience in the building industry.
  • 50 pieces in a box
  • 3m length, 6 mm¬†render depth
  • Render-friendly with heightened adherence for a perfect finish.
  • Suitable for a comprehensive range of surfaces including brickwork and blockwork.
  • Measures 3.0m in length per piece, providing adequate coverage for construction needs.
Common Applications
  • Ideal for creating durable and neat edges in brickwork and blockwork.
  • Can be effectively utilized in constructions requiring wider leg and render builds.
  • Use for Brickwork / Blockwork / Polystyrene & Hebel type Sheeting. The legs adjust by squeezing together for a higher render build or spreading apart for other than 90 ¬į angle.

With the 42-RE-6 plastic angle trim by PTT Render Beads external, expect nothing less than the best service, quality, and price. Crafted with the finest PVC Plastic Angle, this External Angle Trim adds an extra layer of durability and aesthetic appeal to your constructions.

Rely on PTT for the ultimate seamless building experience. Trust in their motto of continual improvement to cater to all your rendering needs. Dwell in the assurance of all-encompassing quality, because the PTT products render excellence.

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Back To Business Discount Code: BTB5 5% OFF storewide. The code will be automatically applied at checkouts.